Video: How to Attract Homebuyers: 5 Essential Tips

Hi, this is Mary Kirby. We’re going to look at five essential tips for attracting homebuyers. These are improvements homeowners can make without having to remodel their home.

Tip #1) Declutter and clean your home
You can hold a garage sale or donate the things you don’t need. Remove cobwebs from the walls and ceiling. Clean every area of your home, including the windows. Your home should look orderly, bright, and spacious.

Tip #2) Hire a professional painter
Stay away from bold colors like red and orange, as they can turn off many buyers. Choose something neutral and light to give your home that fresh and newer decor.

Tip #3) Keep your floors looking their best!
If needed, steam clean or replace your carpet; polish or replace your tile or hardwood floor.

Tip #4) Get a home inspection, as well as a termite and a roof inspection Problem areas are red flags that can turn potential buyers away or break a deal. By making necessary repairs upfront, you will not need to negotiate these repair costs with your buyers. The fewer problems your home has, the easier and faster it will be to sell and close escrow.

Tip #5) Create curb appeal
Keep the outside of your home looking its best. Keep your front yard clean; your landscape green, mowed and colorful. If you wish to conserve water, you can use artificial landscape.

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